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JIPAD (Japanese Intensive care PAtient Database) is a large comprehensive database that consists of deidentified data of ICU patients from participating sites across Japan. A total of 89 institutions are participating and over 180,000 patients have been registered in this database as of 2020. The project was launched in 2014 by the ICU Assessment Committee under JSICM (Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine) that oversaw ICU function and evaluation with the aim to allow standardized institutional comparability of ICU patients in Japan that will then lead to quality improvement of patient care and advancement of ICU medicine. The database includes information such as patient demographics, disease condition and severity, route of ICU admission, treatments such as medications and procedures, discharge facility from ICU and many more. The collected data is analyzed utilizing statistical methodologies and results are subsequently distributed to each participating facility to allow benchmarking of various ICU performance indicators. We are committed to protect patients’ privacy while we utilize data to advance healthcare system and quality of healthcare in individual institutions.

Message from Committee Chair

On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank you for visiting our website as we continue our commitment with improving patient care in the ICU.
Expanding the JIPAD project will not only improve quality of care in ICU in Japan but also lead to appropriate utilization of limited ICU resources, which has been proven across the globe with similar ICU databases. As the number of participating sites continue to increase steadily, we encourage other sites in Japan to join our efforts.
The success of JIPAD operation not only require dedication from health care personnel but also require the understanding and cooperation from patients and citizens. We are committed to furthering our efforts to establish a more useful system that will make meaningful contribution to our medical society.
We welcome comments, suggestions and questions regarding JIPAD project and we look forward to hearing from everyone.

Satoru Hashimoto
The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Chair of the JIPAD Working Group

JIPAD Working Group

JIPAD Working Group is a subsidiary body of the ICU Assessment Committee in JSICM. The working group is organized by intensivists who are dedicated to work collaboratively to collect high fidelity data for JIPAD that will ultimately lead to advancement of medicine.