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Journal article describing JIPAD
An article describing JIPAD was published in the Journal of Critical Care.
Please find the article via the following links:
J Crit Care.55:86-94,2020
Annual Report
The number of registering ICUs included in the data analysis increased from 32 in 2017 to 46 in the current report.
We estimate that more than 70 registering ICUs/PICUs will be included in the data analysis for the fiscal year 2019.
Start of JIPAD data provision to participating facilities
The institutions that participated in the 2017 annual report will be given access to JIPAD data on these institutions. Please refer to the following JIPAD website for details on the rules for using the data, how to apply for access, and other related matters:
Collaboration with the Clinical Trial Group (CTG) Committee
We initiated discussions with the CTG committee of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine regarding our collaborative projects that began last year. We also plan to revise our database, which will enable us to conduct research across multiple domestic ICUs/PICUs. We plan to first make the data available to participating institutions around April 2020.
International Registry Participation
As part of our efforts to build an international registry, we collaborated with Dr. Leo Celi of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dr. David Pilcher of the ANZICS to host the first Datathon in Japan in February 2018. Subsequently, we hosted the second Datathon in Tokyo in March 2019. We are also considering to host the third Datathon in Tokyo in March 2020.
Information about the Datathon can be found at URL:
Collaboration with the Pediatric Intensive Care Committee
Beginning in April 2018, we included the PIM3 and pediatric disease names in the JIPAD to allow calculation of the pSOFA.
Guided by the PICU committee, there are 9 PICUs which are intend to participate JIPAD. We will continue to encourage all Japanese PICUs to register with the JIPAD.
Addition and Revision of Data Collection
In some institutions, permission was not granted to include the date of birth. Therefore, considering personal privacy, JIPAD will not send dates of birth to the server.
A function to mass convert “sent” to “not yet” or “confirmed” will be added.
Transmissions from facilities that do not pass through the query system will be controlled globally (i.e., sending 10 or more cases at once will be prohibited).
Addition of warning conditions:
- Change to warning if the entry route is via an emergency outpatient department and the date of ICU entry is > the date of admission + 2 days.
- Warning if tracheotomy, IABP, PCPS, VV-ECMO, or PMX are marked “yes” when ICU entry was scheduled and the patient is discharged within 24 hours.
Improved ICU patient list screen.
Addition of ExJIPAD CSV output function.
Improved ExJIPAD screen.
Calculation of Predicted Mortality
Both the ANZICS and the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) of the UK have developed their own adult severity scoring systems. Since we have accumulated more than 130,000 patient registrations, we are planning to release a unique mortality prediction scoring system that would account for the current status of healthcare delivery in Japan before presenting our Annual Report for the fiscal year 2019.